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Surface mounting

The automated line of surface mounting includes the following equipment:

— Semi-automatic stencil printer BS1300 (AUTOTRONIK)

— Automatic loader of PCB from cassettes to the line, model ML-460A (WEC)

— High-performance PCB assembly machine, model 4993D AdVantis 3 AC-30S (UIC)

— PCB assembly machine, model 4982C AdVantis AC-72 (UIC)

— Flexible high-speed automatic machine, model Fuzion XC2-37 on a two-beam construction (UIC)

— Conveying workplace, model C-100JL (WEC)

— Flexible Reflow Oven, model RX-7 (TOLO)

— Automatic loader of PCB from line to cassettes, model MU-460A (WEC)

Technical specifications of the line:

  • placement rate is 52900 cph max
  • the accuracy of positioning elements: ±45 μm (3σ)
  • Components range of 01005 passives to 30 mm square and to 150mm long connectors;
  • minimum step of ICs with planar outputs — 0,081mm
  • minimum diameter of hemispherical ICs (BGA, mBGA) – 0,102mm
  • minimum step of ICs with hemispherical outputs (BGA, mBGA) - 0,081mm
  • PCB dimensions from 70 х 70 mm to 457 х 508 mm;
  • the possibility of single-piece mounting / dismounting of chips in the BGA package;
  • Lead and lead-free technology;
  • The possibility of mounting boards with a metal base.