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Vegetable and fruit dehydrator Т33 Axion yellow

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Brief information
Axion T33 vegetable and fruit dryer is the best way to preserve the harvest of fruits, vegetables, berries, herbs, roots, root vegetables, mushrooms. It can also be used to cook homemade noodles and croutons.

Vegetable and fruit dehydrator Т33 Axion yellow

•  Low energy consumption
•  Simultaneous drying of up to 4 kg foods
•  Uniform drying due to the fan, which ensures the supply and distribution of hot air on all pallets.
•  Ability of the pallets height adjustment
•  Smooth temperature adjustment for drying various products
•  Long-term operation
•  Protection from overheating in case of long-term use
•  Optimal temperature mode of the heater enables to save electricity and preserve nutrients in the food

General information

190 W


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