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Axion EН35E mini oven

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Brief information
The Axion mini-oven is a great alternative to a classic oven, microwave, toaster or grill. With its help, it is possible to cook meat, baked vegetables, potatoes, pizza, pies, toasts and much more, as well as reheat ready meals without the harmful effects of electromagnetic waves.

Axion EН35E mini oven

•  Electronic control
•  8 automatic cooking programs:  pizza, toasts, cookies, cake, fried chicken, chop/beefsteak, warning, defrosting
• The ability of manual adjustment of settings in automatic programs
• Two heating elements (top and bottom) can function together and separately
• Convection function for even cooking  
• Grill for meat and vegetable cooking
• Volume of 35 liters allows to cook a variety of dishes
• Timer up to 60 minutes, for timely switching off
• Backlight to control the cooking process
• Baking pan, rack and broiling rack are included

General information

1600 W


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