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Kitchen scales VКЕ22 Axion

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Brief information
Axion electronic scales with a liquid crystal display help to accurately measure products weighing from 5 to 5,000 grams, as well as to measure the volume of water and milk. For the user's convenience, the scales provide various systems for measuring the weight and volume of products, as well as the function of taring.  

Kitchen scales VКЕ22 Axion

• High precision of the food weight measurement
• LCD and sensor control
• Weight/volume indication in various units
• Option to measure the weight of powder products and the volume of liquids (water and milk)
• Auto switch off function to save battery power


Weighing accuracy, g

– when weighing products of up to 0.1 kg                       ±4

– when weighing products of 0.1 kg to 3 kg                    ±8

– when weighing products of 3 kg to 5 kg                       ±10

Weight measurement range                                           0.02–5 kg

Weight/Volume Measurement Systems                          Kilograms, pounds/ milliliters, fluid ounce

Tare weight zeroing function                                           Available 

Automatic switching off                                                    Available

Low-charge indication                                                      Available

Overload indication                                                          Available

Fluid measurement                                                          Available

Installation methods                                                         Desktop

Unit material                                                                     Plastic

Bowl is included                                                                Not available

Dimensions (WxHxD)                                                        22х13х27 cm

Battery is included                                                             СR2032 / 1 pc

Warranty                                                                            1 year

Service life                                                                         8 years

Ultra-thin, 1.3 cm

General information


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