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PITTER O11 Axion

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Brief information
O11 pitter significantly speeds up the processing of cherries, wild cherries, cherry plums and other berries with small kernels. When pitting the berries retain their shape and practically do not lose juice, while hands stay clean.

PITTER O11 Axion

•  Ease of use when processing large harvest of berries
•  Output  – up to 15 kg of berries per hour
•  The shape of the pump allows to push a kernel out of the berry without loss of pulp and juice
•  Spacious fruit-loading tray
•  Container for kernels included
•  The ability to use any container for receiving processed berries
•  A special handle and anti-slip rubber suction cup securely fix the device to the table surface
•  High-quality environment friendly food-grade plastic housing

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