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Electric juice-squeezer STs32.01 Axion Dzhus

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Brief information
The "Dzhus" juicer allows to extract up to 0.5 liters of juice out of 1 kg of solid fruit or vegetables:  apples, pears, carrots, beet, celery, pumpkin. The long-term juicer operation guarantees that even large harvests will be processed quickly and properly.

Axion Sts 32.01 Juicer "Dzhus"
A juice container included
Axion Sts 32.02 Juicer "Dzhus"
The set includes a double-sided disc for cutting and slicing and a juice container.

Electric juice-squeezer STs32.01 Axion Dzhus

•  Processing of up to 60 kg apples per hour
•  Extraction of up to 30 liters of juice per hour
•  Asynchronous motor guarantees long-term continuous operation
•  Manual release of pulp without motor stopping
•  The aluminum drum is not obstructed in case of long-term use even if the apples are not peeled
•  Broad semi-circular feeding tube for loading products (46х103 mm)
•  Enlarged aperture for pulp discharge (60х100 mm)
•  Double-sided disc for cutting and slicing allows to make salads
•  Shredding perfomance — up to 1 kg per minute
•  Simple operation, disassembling, washing
•  One 1.1 liter container included
• Suction cups for fixing on the table surface

General information

250 W


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