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Electric frying pan D11 Axion

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Brief information
Axion D11 household electric frying pan will replace the electric cooker and frying pan in a cottage house or in a house without gas supply. It can be used to fry meat, stew vegetables, bake pizza and cook other dishes for the whole family. Anti-stick coating of the frying pan ensures the minimum oil consumption and healthier food.

Electric frying pan D11 Axion

•  5 temperature modes ranging from +50°С to +240°С provides gentle heating of food and cooking of various dishes
• The anti-stick coating for cooking with a minimum amount of oil and easy cleaning
•  A  transparent lid made of heat-resistant glass to control the cooking process
•  Handles (feet) made of heat-resistant plastic do not heat up during cooking
•  It can be installed on any horizontal surface

General information

1350 W
2,1 kg


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