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Robot vacuum cleaner PC11 Axion

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Brief information
A smart housework assistant will be effective on all types of floor covering. Wet and dry cleaning will no longer be your problem: everything can be entrusted to the Axion robot vacuum cleaner.

Robot vacuum cleaner PC11 Axion

•  Efficient use on all types of floor covering, in particular, on carpets with the pile height of up to 1.5 cm, overcoming of thresholds of up to 1.5 cm high
•  Dry and wet cleaning
•  Automatic return to the charging station if the battery is low and upon the cleaning completion
• Limit the cleaning area using a virtual wall
•  Remote control
•  Voice prompts
•  Germicidal UV-lamp
•  The edge detection sensor protects against falling
•  Coarse filter and HEPA filter keep the air inside the house clean
•  Included: Replacement wipe for wet cleaning – 1 pc., HEPA filter – 1 pc., side brushes – 2 pcs.

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