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The monument to the first cosmonaut
Yuri Gagarin was installed on the territory
the Izhevsky Motozavod

History of Concern AXION, Ltd

Limited Liability Company Concern "Axion" is a modern diversified enterprise with high scientific and technical potential and strong production and technological base.The plant is specialized in the production and sale of various civilian products: household appliances, energy accounting devices and medical equipment. The enterprise is a structural subdivision of Izhevsky Motozavod "Axion-Holding" JSC, which makes it possible to use a single technological base for the production of civil products.

Household appliances "Axion" are reliable, reasonable priced and indispensable in every kitchen:

  • Electric meat mincers
  • Electric juicers
  • Electric frying pans
  • Cookware for microwave ovens
  • Electric shoe dryers

The company produces energy-saving equipment - performs design work, manufactures printed circuit heat exchangers, block individual heating units, performs installation and maintenance.

This equipment allows to reduce the consumption of thermal energy at the facilities up to 40%; to reduce the fuel consumption for the generation of thermal energy by 12%; to reduce maintenance costs by 40-60%; to optimize the energy accounting system; to reduce capital costs for the construction of equipment and heat-insulating materials by 20-25%; the installation time of thermal points is reduced by 4-5 times due to the use of ready-to-use units.

"Axion" medical equipment is purchased by healthcare institutions, both in Russia and in the countries of the Near Abroad, the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, where it enjoys a stable demand. The system of quality management of Concern "Axion", Ltd applicable to design, development and production of goods was certified for the conformance with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2012.

"Axion" manufactures medical equipment for 6 fields of medicine:   
  • Cardiology
  •      Resuscitation
  •      Neonatology
  •      Surgery
  •      Gynecology
  •      Physiotherapy

High quality and reliability of devices is confirmed by awards and diplomas of Russian and international competitions - Quality Mark "Russian Brand", 5 gold medals of the republican contest "Brand of Udmurtia". In 2008, Axion was awarded the Presidential Prize of Udmurtia in the field of product quality.

Reliability and stability in modern conditions, highly qualified personnel, modern production base are the basic principles of the constant development of Concern "Axion" Ltd. The company works on mutually beneficial terms and invites new business partners to cooperate!